About Me Community Manager, Developer, Web Designer


Freelance manager and developer

Hello, I'm Quinten. I'm a freelance developer and community manager. I currently own and manage Chillbar, Asagao, Exodus, and Maki. I'm studying computer science in my home town Ghent. Thanks to self-learning I have managed to turn my hobby into my job!

Personal Information

  • Name Quinten van Wesel
  • Age 19 Years
  • Experience +2 Years
  • Email contact@quintenvw.net
  • Phone +324 84 45-4343
  • Location Ghent, Belgium

Professional Skills

  • HTML
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • PHP


  • Community Management

    I have about 3 years of experience in managing big communities. It all started with a small group of friends on Discord but it quickly grew to one of the biggest groups on the platform.

  • Web Development

    Making websites is a lot of fun. Creating web applications and websites is something I'm very passionate about. I only make responsive, mobile friendly websites that are easy to use!

  • User Experience

    There is nothing as annoying as someone who doesn't work together with you or isn't friendly. I guarantee an amazing journey together with you to get done what we work on!

  • Support

    Maintaining a website or community isn't the easiest thing to do. It also is very time consuming. That's why I offer support for all my services so you don't have to struggle with it!

Resume 2+ Years of Experience

College Essen.
2006 - 2012

After a serious meningitis I finished my primary school at College Essen.

Atheneum Merelbeke.
2013 - 2020

I finished high school human science at Atheneum Merelbeke.

Ho Gent.
2020 - Present

Studying applied computer science and engineering in Ghent.

Own business.
2020 - Present

I started my own business once I became 18. I make websites, web applications, and other programs for professionals.

Contact Get in Touch

Get in Touch

+324 84 45 4343
Ghent, Belgium